Sunday, May 6, 2012

a night out

While my sister was visiting us, my husband and I took her out to a restaurant in our neighborhood, Plateau Mont-Royal. We have been to La Salle à Manger a few times now, and we always have a great evening!

Since we were celebrating, we enjoyed an apéro ... two kir royals for us and a manhattan for him.
Lots of interesting things on the menu...

 We were so glad we started with the smoked salmon - it was amazing! It was served on a salad of shaved fennel and dill with yogurt sauce.
After a long dinner we ordered a dessert to share. We asked for a sparkler while the husband was away from the table, just because!
La Salle à Manger is a great place to go in the Plateau area of Montreal, especially if you don't mind waiting a while for things to come out of the kitchen. They have lots of interesting wines, and in fact it would be a perfect place to come for a date or late night drinks and snacks. The atmosphere is boisterous and relaxed, and the food is good. What a great night out in one of my favorite cities with two of my favorite people!

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