Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Some exciting things have been happening around here - we bought an apartment! Anywhere, this would have been daunting, but the prices and the competition around Boston these days made it even more so. We went to open house after open house, and then finally we found it: a place that felt like it should be our home. It is not perfect (of course!) but there is plenty to love here - white bookcases, ivy draping quaint window panes, black fireplaces marked by age and use. Plus, it is at the top of Beacon Hill! We can't believe our luck.

Home is a word I use all the time. But until recently, to be honest, it just referred to the place I was planning to sleep that night. Hotels we stay at for a few days, my parent's guest room, all of the apartments we've rented over the years - I've called them all home when I've been there. Things feel so different in this new place. It changes things to know that I will be here for a while, and won't be chasing research, a degree, a visa to a new place. I've been thinking about all the good times and bad these walls will certainly see, and how much we will grow here.

I have been so lucky to have lived in different cities - the suburbs of Boston, Cleveland, Montreal, London, Paris - and to have had so many amazing adventures! But staying still and putting down roots is an adventure of a different kind, one I am so ready to embrace.


  1. congrats! Beacon Hill is just the cutest...let's not get started on the Charles St. shopping!! :) happy friday!

    1. Thanks, Jaime! I haven't actually done much shopping on Charles Street, but all the shops are so cute. Could be dangerous! ;) Enjoy the weekend!