Friday, September 13, 2013

a week in the west

Originally we had thought to stay local this summer, and theoretically had put a moratorium on traveling for a while. But it's hard to resist the invitation to see two good friends get married on Vancouver Island! While I have been lucky enough to have traveled quite a bit, I don't know the west coast very well at all, and we were excited to explore Vancouver Island and the city of Vancouver.

The ferry ride was absolutely gorgeous. The mist-covered sea was otherwordly, and every so often the banks of fog would part to reveal beautiful small islands. 

After spending the full two hours of the ferry on the deck with my camera in hand, breathing in the sea air, my hair was a little bit wild! Me and my voluminous hair caught up with friends that night, and then were busy with wedding preparations the next few days. After the lovely wedding, we stayed in the cute harbor town of Cowichan Bay, where we had so much fun looking at all the boats and house boats!

Further north on the island to visit family, we visited the majestic and aptly named Cathedral Grove - even my tall husband looks small compared to these awe-inspiring trees. 

A sunset canoe ride on Fanny Bay below a spectacular sky...

And then we were off to Vancouver for a few days. We were able to meet up with some friends from our days in Montreal and Paris who we hadn't seen in a few years, and meet their new babe! Vancouver felt so different from anywhere else I've ever been - it all felt so NEW! I guess it shows that I am an east coast girl - cobblestones and crumbing bricks and carved facades are what I expect. Everywhere I looked in Vancouver, I saw residential high-rises with tree-covered roof decks! Our friends live in a neighborhood constructed for the Olympics, and their apartment measures the amount of water and energy they use on a little screen. Each unit is given a large plot of rooftop garden to grow food - it felt like the city of the future. (Although I love my history as well - I wouldn't give up my brick and carved facades!)  

What a great trip! The week away reminded me of how huge America is, and how much there is to see. I am looking forward to so many more North American adventures.

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