Thursday, January 3, 2013


A few weeks ago, I packed a suitcase and left for Kripalu, a yoga school and retreat center in the Berkshires, for the first half of a yoga teacher training that I had signed up for quite a while ago. On my windowsill I placed this ceramic bowl - a gift from my sister - and a reminder that the people we love are always with us, within us... (from my favorite e.e. cummings poem)

Being in the mountains at the beginning of winter was beautiful. Our program was so intense that some days there was barely time to get outside, except to stand on the back patio of the building and breathe in the misty air.
 The place has a unique energy - a building full of people from different places, different backgrounds, looking for the same things: to learn, to renew, to feel, to grow.
 Each day brought so many challenges and so many insights that two weeks felt like two months. By the end I felt so close to the other wonderful people in the training - lunch time conversations consistently revolved around "the big questions" so it got deep fast. No matter how I end up applying my teaching certification, I am certain that this will have been one of the most intense, and most enlightening experiences of my life. We'll see what comes of it...


  1. so well said. and i love that bowl!

    1. It is really special, given to me by a really special person!