Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Beacon Hill stroll

I was in Boston for the Easter weekend visiting family, and we had such a great time. I haven't lived in the same city as my parents or my sisters for 12 years now, apart from summers in undergrad. It is so nice when we have a few days together, and instead of saying "goodbye" at the end of an evening we can say "see you tomorrow."

We spent a good part of the weekend strolling around different Boston-area neighbourhoods with my sister, having lunch / coffee / ice cream (of course!), and imagining ourselves living there. So many spots were great, but Beacon Hill really captured my fancy.

  The red brick, the little streets....

The flowering trees were in bloom, and were incredibly gorgeous.

The cutest alley ever. Seriously.


  1. Stopping by from your sister's blog after reading her complementary post! These photos are absolutely lovely. Congrats on your hopeful move to Boston! Though Montreal doesn't sound too bad either. ;-)

    1. Thanks Clair! Montreal is amazing too - I'm sure I will have to visit lots. Your recipes look so good! :)